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Matt was a GREAT Surfer & Loved the ocean! .

Matt found peace surfing the ocean and was constantly drawn to the water. The “surfing community” and the “Christian Surfers Association” helped to organize a beautiful “paddle our ceremony” by the Sunglow Pier on Sunday, 16th, of October 2011.  Both of our `children learned how to walk on the beach by the Pier, because we lived close by.  We have many pictures of them by the Sunglow Pier and have a special connection to the beach right there.   For those that do not know what a “paddle out ceremony” is – it is a way to honor a person that loved the ocean.  Surfers gather and get to a designated spot, form a circle by holding hands, talk about the person who has passed and pray, and throw flowers into the circle.   Our son's  ashes were in a specially designed shell that was made to dissolve in the ocean and was let go by his sister and my son’s girlfriend who were in the middle of the circle.  It was an amazing and a very spiritual experience.  For those of us that watched from the Pier, as the surfers were heading into the ocean, it had been a cloudy, overcast morning but all you could see “Matt saying hello and thank you” – you can see the sun glistening on the water in the picture.  Then right outside the circle, one lonely little dolphin lifted his head and leaped through the water, as if to again say “hello” from Matt. (Those of us that live here know it is very unusual to see one dolphin because they usually travel in groups or pairs at least.)  People have told me it was the largest “paddle out ceremony” that has ever been done in this town!  There was about 250 total, at least 150 watching from the beach and the Pier.      

To the visitors on our website - PLEASE know that we are very proud to have taken 
While the reality of never seeing or holding him again or hearing his laugh is ALWAYS a void …
We are reminded that he is now in peace and sits with “God” and we all believe we Will see him again.    Much love to you all and God bless!

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