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Straight Up SolGier Foundation, Inc.

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The most important thing to know -
is that our community is in CRISIS now!

Our Foundation was started in memory of our son, we are very proud to say that we have already helped and paid for many victims of sexual abuse since 2012.  

We are very active members of the Victims Services Coalition of the 7th Judicial Court, which has members of all the local Police Departments and all of the State Attorney Victim advocates plus our Sheriff’s Department and many local counselors that help these victims.  This year that group nominated us for “Agency of the Year” and also gave us an “Inspiration Award”.  

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R. J. Larizza’s office has stated on many occasions they are very excited to work with us to help victims as well. He said “it was amazing that there are a lot of victims who want counseling but can’t even afford the co-pay because it is more important to put food on their tables.”   As the “State Funding” gets tighter there are many victims that fall thru the cracks because they have NO insurance to pay for counseling, or they can’t even afford their co-pay,
or their insurance policy pays for a very limited amount of sessions.

Our criteria for applying to us for funding are that they must have documented proof that they were a victim of sexual abuse as a child, or are a victim now as an adult, even if the perpetrator was not prosecuted but there was a report.  

     Help us give HOPE & HELP to local
victims of sexual abuse. 
We want to HELP
as many people as we possibly can!  

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