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You can't replace their innocence.
Don't take away their HOPE!

Straight Up SolGier Foundation, Inc.

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                         A few words about OUR Foundation

Matt “Magou” McGuirk is our original Straight Up SolGier.  At age 10 Matt testified against his teacher who had been sexually abusing him.  His predator got 155 years in prison and Matt received a life sentence of suffering.   He was proud he put his predator in prison but didn’t want to talk about it with any counselors after the trial was over.   He kept his demons inside and turned to drugs to try and erase his feelings.  He died of an accidental drug overdose in 2011.  He was starting to talk to people about what happened to him and wanted to help others like him not reach for drugs but try and talk to professionals to help them deal with their pain.  He drew the SolGier logo in 2007 and registered a website to tell his story.
Please help us, keep his dream alive by offering hope to victims in need!

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This was Matt at the age when his teacher was abusing him.

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This is Matt as an adult, 
he was 31 years old in this picture.

This book was written by a good friend of Matt's -  Anthony Diamandi (A Navy Veteran) it's about a relationship with God.  He has been an amazing supporter of our Foundation!  They went to High School together. (The above picture was taken of Anthony in Matt's bedroom before the Prom.) Please use this link to read about this great book! 
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We provide HOPE and HELP to victims of sexual abuse! 

This is a true story of Matt “Magou” McGuirk who is our original Straight Up SolGier. 

He kept his demons inside and turned to drugs to try and erase his feelings and pain. At age 11, he started experimenting with marijuana.  In 2011 he died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 31. He was in and out of rehab and came to realize he finally needed to come to terms with what happened to him as a boy.   When he finally started talking about his abuse, others would reassure him of how brave he was as a little boy.  He wanted to write a book and tell other victims to talk about their abuse so they didn’t turn to drugs like he did.  Matt designed the SolGier logo around the year 2007.  He was a spiritual person; he spelled SolGier with a capital “G” for God and made it look like an arrow going straight up.  He also stated that, “the meaning of straight up was standing up and facing his predator to keep him from hurting others.

” Please help us keep his dream alive by offering hope to victims in need!"

Straight Up SolGier Foundation is an active member of the Victims Services Coalition of the 7th Judicial Circuit. This group has members of the State Attorney’s office, all the local Police Departments, Sheriff’s Office as well as Victim Advocates and many counselors who handle these victims.  Our Foundations main purpose is to help these victims survive their abuse whether it was recent or a long time ago.  By exploring the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, learning healthy coping skills, opening yourself up to new perspectives, or creating an atmosphere of trust and safety, we hope to help you rise above your struggles and realize your full potential. 

  SolGier Foundation’s goal is to help both children and adults. We have been providing professional counseling FREE of charge to our clients since 2012.   Matt's legacy of HOPE and HELP lives on...